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About Breathe Music

Breathe Music


Before lockdown in 2020, most musicians had experimented with online teaching but it was far from the norm. Suddenly, finding themselves in  isolation, there was a scrabble to connect. Instead of performing, musicians were sharing information and learning. Innovative websites such as The Exhale ( sprang to life and had a large number of artists on their books presenting all types of wonderful music content for their colleagues and audiences around the world.


Now that online group classes are part of the fabric of music learning, Breathe Music has been designed so that any individual can collaborate with us to present their class, course or lesson online. Not everyone has the resources or time to run their own website, ticket office and zoom account in order to present an online class and we are here to facilitate that for you.


We also run a service for teachers, holding their diary and facilitating a subscription service for invoicing.


Please use our Contact page to get in touch if you are interested in any of our services or content.

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